U.S. Bankruptcy Judge, Eastern District of North Carolina (1982 to 2009; chief judge from 1992-1999, 2006-2007); re-called 2013-2014.

A.B., Duke University. J.D., Wake Forest University School of Law.

Chair, U.S. Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules, 2000-2004, Member, 1996-1999. Bankruptcy Judge Representative to U.S. Judicial Conference, 2004-2007. Member, United States Judicial Conference Long Range Planning Committee, 1991-1996.

President, National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges, 2000-2001. Chairman, NCBJ Endowment for Education, 1993-1994. Board Member, Federal Judicial Center, 1997-2001. Board of Directors, American Bankruptcy Institute, 1989-1995. Board of Directors, American College of Bankruptcy, 2002-2005.  Member National Bankruptcy Conference, 2006 - present.

 Honorable A. Thomas  Small