Did you know that finding a qualified mentor can dramatically increase your chances of small business success?

A 2015 survey administered by PricewaterhouseCoopers of more than 15,000 SCORE clients revealed that 89% of SCORE clients are still successfully running their small businesses, while an even higher number–94%–of clients who came to SCORE while already in business stayed in business. That is the power of mentoring!

What can I expect from a mentor?

SCORE is here to help for the entire life of your business, from developing an idea to growing your business, and even selling it. Many SCORE clients enjoy years-long relationships with their mentors as they move together through the stages of owning and operating their small business. Best of all, mentoring is always free.

Some SCORE mentors are current or former entrepreneurs themselves, while others are retired corporate executives. All SCORE mentors are certified in Mentoring Methodology, ensuring that they are not only experts in business, but experts in guiding entrepreneurs towards success.

Want a mentor, but don't have time to visit a SCORE office?

Many small business owners are working fulltime and/or raising families while building their business. If time or location constraints prevent you from visiting one of SCORE's 300 offices nationwide, you can connect online instead.

Using videoconferencing technology, clients can virtually meet with their mentors in a more personal way than telephone or email.