WASHINGTON, May 10, 2018 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- SCORE, mentors to America's small businesses, has published original survey data showing that women entrepreneurs are less likely than men to seek and obtain financing, even though they are starting businesses faster than men, and their businesses are just as successful in terms of business starts, revenue growth, job creation and longevity. This difficult financial climate for women entrepreneurs makes them more likely than men to rely on credit cards as a source of business funding.

Key findings from part 2 of the report include:

  • 62% of women entrepreneurs depend on their business as their primary source of income, challenging old assumptions that women entrepreneurs are more likely to run "lifestyle businesses" that only provide supplemental income.
  • Over the lifespan of their business, men were more likely to seek financing (34% of men, compared to 25% of women).
  • Among all business owners seeking financing, male entrepreneurs were more likely to receive it (with 34% of men acquiring loans or equity financing in the past year, compared to 31% of women).
  • Entrepreneurs' reasons for seeking financing were very similar across genders, with one exception: Men were more likely than women to seek financing to launch a new product (26% of men, compared to 22% of women).
  • The most popular funding sources for business owners across genders included other (non-SBA) loans, personal savings and credit cards (with more women relying on credit cards than men).

For more information, download The Megaphone of Main Street: Report on Women's Entrepreneurship and its accompanying infographic.

About The Megaphone of Main Street

This report constitutes the third installment of SCORE's Megaphone of Main Street data report series, which presents original, statistically significant survey data on the American small business landscape. Survey data was collected from 20,000 small business owners in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., representing small businesses of varied sizes in a broad coverage of industries.

The final infographic in this series, exploring the positive impact of mentoring on business success across genders, is slated for release in two weeks.