Before the birth of her children, Leslie Taylor and her husband owned a freelance design company. Six years and three children later, Taylor and her husband decided to end the business and move on to other ventures. However, Taylor, a multi-media designer with 15 years of experience producing various web-related and print work, knew she wanted to dive back into the business one day. 

After a year of planning and organizing, Taylor, along with two co-workers with backgrounds in marketing communications and design, decided to join forces and create Buffalo Creative Group, a start-up that would allow them to build their freelance work.

My successes. 

The company has seen success by building interest through Facebook by holding random drawings for those who follow the company's page. Buffalo Creative Group continues to work with new business locally and has expanded to working with clients in North Carolina, California, and the United Kingdom.

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE assisted Leslie with creating a more useful, functional services contract that is now used with every new client. SCORE also assisted  Taylor with legal questions as well as pricing options for clients moving forward.

Buffalo Creative Group