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February 20, 2013

Dear Sirs:

I  would like to sing the praises of Jon Costello and Dick Golas as their invaluable assistance has been instrumental in helping me develop my business.

I opened my Hearing Aid business in August of 2007 in Bolivar, NY. While working with the Small Business Association in Belmont to develop a business plan and negotiate my growing maze of paperwork, I met Dick Golas, who introduced me to SCORE. This connection together with Jon has become vital to my business.

They have helped me learn how to examine my financial statements, know when to ask questions of my bookkeeper, and develop an eye for things that do not seem correct. They are there to run ideas by,  and they have steered me in the right direction many times. They have also offered different options that I may have not thought of. Their combined wealth of knowledge has benefited me so much. They continue to guide me when I need help, and I have recently gotten back on their schedule for monthly meetings.

I am fortunate that with hard work my business has been successful and growing every year.   And I know that I am good at what I do,  but I am well aware that more is required to develop a successful business.  I was doing fine flying by the seat of my pants, but having a better sense of the business end of my business and having these men as a  great resource clearly increases the likelihood of my continued success.

I am very appreciative to have access to such knowledgeable mentors, and I feel more confident knowing I have them to guide me.

Tracie D. Edwards, HIS, COHC

Tracie Edwards was named SCORE Chapter 45,  Buffalo / Niagara


Congratulations Tracie on a job well done

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